Spring 2014 Exec. Board Candidates

Review your Exec. Board Candidates below and make sure to VOTE, starting Friday, Feb. 21 @ Midnight until Sunday, Feb. 23 @ Midnight.

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Presidential Candidates:

Troy Gibb

Troy Gibb

“I will not lose to a pickle.”

Vice Presidential Candidates:

Derek Lee

Derek Lee

“Hey all, my name is Derek Lee and I am a Junior in the Philosophy department.  Simply put, I am the most qualified individual for this position because I have served on multiple executive boards of struggling organizations and brought them to a fruitful and long-lasting position on campus.

I helped start a fraternity my freshman year, taking two officer positions and countless committee chairmanships.  That fraternity is now 60 members strong and known by the greek community.

I also took a struggling ballroom team and found them a coach, worked out better practice routines, and overall increased our team’s performance by over 200%.  I am passionate about the philosophy club, and will not rest until the club is better than it ever has been before.”

Nicole DiSorna


“My name is Nicole DiSarno. I am a junior at GW majoring in Philosophy, minoring in History.  I know how important studying philosophy has been in my own life and for my college experience, and I want to become more involved in the club so that others can also benefit from having philosophy be a part of their life and studies. I have been looking for a way to increase my involvement on campus in an area I am passionate about.

I hope to improve my own leadership skills while improving the club for the benefit of all members in general. I would want to work towards increased participation and a larger number of members.

One idea is to host some type of event in the fall for students who are interested in the major/minor, something simple like a “Cookies, Cupcakes and Conversation,” so that students can ask current students studying philosophy about their experience. This would also be a great way to promote the club to underclassmen.

In addition, I would want to reach out to other majors and other clubs such as Religious Studies, Women’s Studies, American Studies, History, and Political Science, in order to increase social involvement, bring diverse perspectives and points of view into the discussions, and to increase the number of people involved. Hopefully we would also be able to collaborate with the philosophy department and the GW Phi Sigma Tau chapter in order to promote philosophical scholarship and events.

I understand that movie nights have occurred in the past, but I would hope to bring new and exciting films to the club, as well as watch some mainstream titles (like Fight Club, for example) and discuss how philosophy and ethics play a role, even if unexpectedly. Hopefully this would encourage more people to attend.

Lastly, it would be great to have a few other social events that are not focused solely on philosophical discussion/debate. For example, all the members could get together to play some type of game, like Cards Against Humanity or something of the sort, and have a more casual discussion.   With regards to the Philosophy Conference, perhaps some sort of cash prize could be awarded to the top paper to encourage submission. ”

Secretary Candidates:

Sarahann Kolder


“I’d like everyone to eventually know me well, but to begin: I’m a freshman from Iowa in the Elliott School with strong interests in science, nature, philosophy, and Chinese. I know that to have a title of authority one needs to have trust and authority already established. I’m hoping my awareness of this will speak to my ability to be a good, open-minded leader.

I think it’s ironic but key to know that this club doesn’t need any more philosophy—right now. We’re overflowing with topics, but we need organization in both the club and our discussions. The positions are collaborative, and I look forward to working as a team, attracting more members, and making this club more accessible– there are so many people who are interested but don’t know it yet.

I want to be Secretary because I’d like to learn the technical house-keepings of maintaining this student org. I was a stage manager (theater) in high school, so I like the responsibility of keeping things running smoothly. Though its an odd desire, I want to check emails, coordinate meeting times and details, keep track of the binder, and get consensus on members’ opinion through polling.


Nicola Young


“I am running for the secretary position because I have a vision for the future of Philosophy Club that I would like help actualize.  In order to broaden the reach and depth of Philosophy Club, the most important thing is to keep active communication with interested and potentially interested members.  In order to do this we need timely updates of meeting times/places, events, Facebook and email communication, and effective organization of all meetings and methods of communication.

Should I take this position, I would be consistent and active in communicating with members through all channels necessary and keep the Club as a whole organized and inclusive.  I would also be able to work effectively with the other officers to communicate with other organizations and clubs in order to broaden our reach and establish a presence on campus, especially through technological means (Facebook, email, etc.)  Overall, my dedication to this organization and subject is unwavering and I intend to do everything in my power to expand and improve wherever improvements can be made.

Thank you all for you consideration and thank you for your interest in philosophy.”

Treasurer Candidates:

Frank Graham


“I am interested in becoming the philosophy club treasurer for two main reasons. The first has do to with my field of study. As treasurer I’d be working with and allocating finances, which is what I want to do as a career. Secondly, as treasurer I would feel like I have more responsibility in the group.

I am attracted to this professional position.”

Gil Huerta


“I served as Treasurer for Philosophy Club during 2013-14. I currently serve as Interim President and have actively worked to revive and restructure GW Philosophy Club.

My intention is to serve as administrative support to guide, encourage, and usher the new Executive Board as they pilot their new visions for Philosophy Club during the Spring 2014 semester.

I am running as a co-chair.”

Social Chair Candidates:

Alberto Zayas Montilla

“Hi everyone!  I’m a junior from San Juan, Puerto Rico majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Film Studies. I’m running for Social Chair because I think I could really contribute with the planning of the monthly film series, since I already devote at least half of my time in GW at studying films and relating them back to Philosophy (To be more exact I’ve been recently drawing ties between the French New Wave and Phenomenology).

I’m active in Greek Life and the connections I’ve made with students throughout the years could definitely help me coordinate events with other campus groups. I have a personal relationship with students involved in all sorts of fields that we could tie back to philosophy if we found fit. The same goes for planning events with other universities if we wanted to.

My interests include reading Nietzsche and Bataille for fun, listening to the most amount of music I can handle, as well as following bands around the country: anyone want to join me at the Austin Psych Fest first weekend of May? I can’t wait for us to finally formalize the community we’ve all helped build throughout our years @ GW.

Hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to serve as your Social chair, regardless of your guys’ decision, I’ll help out in the future with whatever’s needed.”

Nicole DiSarno

(see above)

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